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Spice Temple Yum Cha

I was totally pumped to be trying yum cha at Spice Temple.  And because of this high expectation, it didn’t quite hit the mark.  The food was great, but it’s like something is missing from the normal yum cha experience.  Maybe it’s the trolleys of food, maybe the packed bustling restaurant or maybe just plain old rude waiters that were missing.  Anyway, let’s look at the food.

Started with “crispy Guangxi pork sliders” which were very good.  Not very yum cha like, but hey, it was delicious.

Crispy Guangxi pork slider

The next dish was really disappointing for me: “steamed rice noodle roll with char sui pork“.  I was expecting a fine delicate silky noodle but this was a thick blanket engulfing the pork.

steamed rice noodle roll with char sui porkYou can never fail with a serve of “crispy prawn wontons with hot and numbing sauce“.  As described, it was crispy and the sauce was tongue numbing.  Delicious.

Crispy prawn wontons with hot and numbing sauce

The old favourites get a high class makeover.  “pork and prawn siu mai” and “steamed scallop dumplings” are good.

Pork and prawn siu maiSteamed scallop dumplings

The “King Prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressing” wontons were beautiful: silky with a nice bite to the prawns.  The sauce was a bit overwhelming, so try to avoid taking a mouthful of it.

King Prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressing

Last up was the old favourite: “chicken and crab xiao long bao“.  They were excellent.

Chicken and crab Xiao long bao

So, a few hits and misses.   I think it’s a once in a lifetime thing and you just have to try it out.

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