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Cumulus Up… up and away!

Stopped by Cumulus Up earlier this year for a few drinks with girlfriends and ended up having one of the best meals ever!  Cumulus Up is the baby sibling to Cumulus Inc. and it does a great job of living up to the high standards set by Cumulus Inc.

Started with a dish from the specials menu, beef carpaccio which was topped with crispy fried shallots, creamy sauce and pickled onions.


I’ve since been back to Cumulus Up twice and have ordered the duck waffle, foie gras & prune each time!   It sounds a bit weird, but it’s absolutely delicious.


The ricotta dumplings, oregano butter was a great dish.  Fluffy dumplings with a rich citrus infused butter sauce.  Very good!


The kale fritters were the most surprising thing to me.  They were fried with a batter of some sort, so they were super crispy and salty.  Was so addictive!


Lastly the spiced lamb ribs, smoked tomato dish totally rocked my world.  The lamb ribs were super tender (with a nice layer of fat) and fell off the bone.   I’m drooling just thinking about it.IMG_1209

The lamb ribs are in contention to be one of my all time favourite dishes.    Love the food, love the venue – cool, casual, good drinks, great service. Can’t wait to go back!

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Quick and easy dinner at Cumulus Inc.

Ahh Cumulus Inc., you never dissappoint.  Popped in for late dinner on a Friday night, exhausted from a long day at work and interstate travel and there you are, a warm welcoming hug of good yummy food.

Started with the “kitchen charcuterie selection“,  a gorgeous selection of cured meats beautifully garnished with pickled veggies and sauces.

Kitchen charcuterie selection

And finished with “slow roast chicken, almond cream, pancetta & heirloom carrots” with a serve of “new season potatoes, red wine shallots & sage” on the side.  The wonderfully salty smoky pancetta with perfectly cooked moist chicken is a total winner.

Slow roast chicken, almond cream, pancetta & heirloom carrots

Can’t wait to revisit soon!

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Great dinner at Cumulus Inc…. Again!

I can’t describe how much I love Cumulus Inc.  Dinner for 4 on a Friday night in a restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere and fabulous food – what more could one want?

First up was the “grilled octopus, smoked paprika, basil“.  Delightful.

Then a nice fresh “tuna tartare with crushed green pea salad“.

Followed by some “wagyu bresaola, with beetroot”.  Simple and perfect.

A lovely “heirloom tomato salad, buffalo milk ricotta & Nolan’s Road olive oil” on the side.

With the piece de resistance:  “whole slow roast lamb shoulder to share“.

And what goes better with lamb then “roast new potatoes with savoury and confit garlic“?

Finishing off the meal with a lovely “yoghurt cream and lemon sorbet, chocolate parfait“.  Yum!

Love love love Cumulus Inc.  Can’t wait to go again!

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Cumulus Inc. Never Disappoints!

One of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne is Cumulus Inc.  I’ve been numerous times and the dishes have never failed to delight me.   The menu changes quite frequently, and I’m still suffering from the loss of the truffle gnocchi from the menu…

First dish during this visit was the special of the day which was the fried soft shell crab, school prawns, chilli & lime.   Crispy salty seafood with a rich tangy sauce – winner!

The seared scallops with potatoes were perfectly cooked and tasted delightful.

The grilled pork chop with green apple was again well cooked and the green apple was a nice way to cut through the richness of the meat.

Last item we had was the roast chicken with corn, with sides of roast potatoes and cracked wheat and freekeh salad.  Gotta say, the chicken was amazing!  And corn is one of my favourite ingredients so it was a perfect little dish.  The sides were also very tasty.

Another great dining experience makes for a happy diner.  Love Cumulus Inc.!

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