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Happy New Year!


I look back and am shocked that it’s been over a year since I lasted posted a review!  Since the last post I’ve been to Europe (Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest, Munich – see attached pic of the biggest pretzel ever!, Reims),  Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) and Tasmania!   I’ve also eaten more burgers and fried chicken in the last 12 months than I’ve consumed my whole lifetime, maintained my obsession with Lune croissants and Burch & Purchese.

I made a resolution this year to start blogging again, as I have eaten some phenomenal food in the last 12 months and without a blog, have very little recollection of the occasion and amazing food.   I’ve also made a resolution to try one exciting new place a month.

What’s on the agenda this year:

  • January:  Kazuki and Du Fermier (Daylesford),  Dinner by Heston, Lûmé
  • February:  Estelle by Scott Pickett
  • March:  Brae, La Luna
  • April: … tbd

Any suggestions are welcome, and look forward to some exciting dining this year!

Jaime xo


The Plan… (as at 1st April 2010)

The list of places that I’d wanted to visit were collated from my faithful Good Food Guide, Gourmet Traveler magazines and recommendations by friends and family.  I started the year with the following list of places that I’d wanted to see.

From the Good Food Guide 2010:

  • Simone’s (Bright)
  • Royal George Hotel (Kyneton)
  • Provenance (Beechworth)
  • Royal Mail Hotel (Dunkeld)
  • Merrijig Inn (Port Fairy)

From The Age “Victoria’s best boutique hotels“:

  • Royal Mail Hotel (Dunkeld)
  • The Empyre (Castlemaine)

Childhood interests and word of mouth:

  • Echuca
  • Wilson’s Prom
  • Eco-Luxe (Avoca)

Planning on one trip a month… watch those km’s go up!

Hello world!

Time to start blogging about my travels around Victoria whilst trying to clock up 15,000kms on my car!  Reason for the 15,000kms?  I need to get at least that to get a tax benefit for my car’s lease…

So, I’m going to go in chronological order from the 1st of April and try to remember some of the details of the previous trips…  And moving forward, will be blogging new trips!

I love good food and wine, and am addicted to luxury accommodation.  I’m lucky to be in a position to be able to enjoy those things and would like to start documenting it so I don’t forget them!