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Good Hearty Food at Wayside Inn

Been to Wayside Inn a few times for dinner, I like the casual feel and the food is hearty and delicious.  Was there a few weeks ago, and here’s what we ate!

I had the “Glenloth free range chicken with roast accompaniments“.   It was beautifully roasted chicken, lots of sauce and mash potatoes.   It was so delicious!
Glenloth free range chicken with roast accompaniments

My boyfriend had the “Rotissoire du jour – Suckling Pig“.  Beautifully cooked and caramelised suckling pig with veges and a light sauce.  Suckling PigFor sides, we had “brussels sprouts and bacon“.  Sprouts were cooked perfectly (had a nice bite to it, not soggy) and of course bacon makes everything instantly better.

Brussels sprouts and bacon

I really like Wayside Inn for casual no fuss dining, highly recommend it!  Go forth and dine!

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Moon Under Water

Within the Andrew McConnell’s Builders Arms Hotel, there exists a little dining room called Moon Under Water.   Whilst in the same building, this is distinctly different from the bar and bistro.  For one thing, the menu is a set menu every night at a fixed price.  Another is that it’s blindingly white in the dining room – I felt like if I had worn an all white outfit, I would have disappeared into the room itself.  But we are not here to talk about the color of the room but the food, which was brilliant.  The menu we had that night was perfect for me as jamon, scallops and chicken are some of my favorite things!

We started with deliciously savory cheese biscuits.   I’m a big fan of cheese biscuits, such as Phillipa’s Parmesan Sables so this was a similar treat.

Cheese Biscuit

We were then presented with some grilled peppers, and bread, butter and pickles.  I love surprise peppers, but unfortunately for me, I didn’t get any that were tongue numbing.Grilled peppers, and bread and butter

The Rottness Island scallops, cucumber and fennel was a beautifully light dish with flavors and textures that married very nicely together.

Rottness Island scallops, cucumber and fennel

The shaved jamon, fresh curd, grilled and raw zucchini was a huge surprise to me.  It was light, it was fresh, the texture was amazing and it tasted fantastic.  Who knew you could make the humble zucchini taste so upmarket?

Shaved jamon, fresh curd, grilled and raw zucchini

I love a good roast chook and the roast chicken, celery, leeks and hazelnuts dish was amazing.  The chicken was cooked so perfectly (moist and tender) and the accompaniments matched it beautifully.

Roast chicken, celery, leeks and hazelnutsI like light fruity desserts, so the white peach, lemon cream, blueberries was a great way to end the meal.   The peach was poached, and served along with the cream and fruit were soft fluffy pieces of cake.  Very nice.

White peach, lemon cream, blueberries

Lastly before departing, we were presented with caramel filled chocolate cups.  It was a rich mouthful to end the dinner with.


Don’t expect big pub/bistro type meals here – it’s all light and fine.  Perhaps they change their menu when the weather cools down, but this was what we had in early January.  I think it’s good value for money, and would definitely go again.

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Senderens…. Fabulous Lunch in Paris

So, I think we’ve all heard of the French chef who gave up his 3 Michelin stars to give good food at affordable prices to his customers.  That man is Alain Senderens and, I think handing back his stars was a great ploy to get infamous.   So we’d heard of this man… and when we were in Paris, we sought out his restaurant Senderens.   The food is spectacular.  The prices… hmm… I’ll let you be the judge.

There are two parts to his restaurant – the fine dining downstairs and the “Bar Le Passage” upstairs.   Given it’s lunch, we opted for the bar upstairs that has a 36 euro 3 course lunch.   We loved it so much, we returned for lunch again before flying out of Paris.

The 3 course lunch is fixed, so there’s no selecting of course.  First time were there, we were served a courgette cream soup as the amuse bouche which was light, cool and creamy.  Entree was a pork terrine, served with a rich hollandaise sauce, apples and lettuce heart topped with finely chopped eggs.  Any terrine served in France is fantastic, and this was no exception.   Main was a salted cod in mashed potato (it had a fancy French name!) and given I’m a big fan of both – it was delicious!  Buttery, salty, silky perfection with a toasty piece of garlic bread on the side.   Dessert was white chocolate mousse on a chocolate cake base with a strawberry sorbet atop.   It was a great way to finish the meal, although by then I was ready to roll out of there!


The second time round, we were presented with a capsicum cream soup as the amuse bouche.  Creamy and cool, served with a paper thin crouton.   Entree was a fish mousse with lobster bisque, which was so beautifully presented as quenelles with drops of bisque surround it and a thin crouton for texture.   The main was a roast chicken, served with  a parsley risotto on the side covered with parmesan foam.  This dish was impeccable,  perfectly tender chickeny chicken with complimentary sides to boost it’s taste – yum!  Dessert was a citrus mousse, with candied lime and oranges.  Again, a great finish to the meal.

I loved both our lunches here.  The first time we rocked up, I was a bit concerned as we’d been sightseeing the whole morning and I was disheveled and looking a bit worse for wear.  But we were greeted and welcomed like royalty, and whisked to the bar for our lunch.  Service was efficient and professional, and I never felt unattended.

The bar upstairs is a nice and casual environment.  And if you’re lucky to sit next to the window, you have a great view of the church in Madelaine.  The restaurant downstairs is a more formal, and elegantly decorated.  Next time I’m in Paris, definitely will try the restaurant!

Cumulus Inc. Never Disappoints!

One of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne is Cumulus Inc.  I’ve been numerous times and the dishes have never failed to delight me.   The menu changes quite frequently, and I’m still suffering from the loss of the truffle gnocchi from the menu…

First dish during this visit was the special of the day which was the fried soft shell crab, school prawns, chilli & lime.   Crispy salty seafood with a rich tangy sauce – winner!

The seared scallops with potatoes were perfectly cooked and tasted delightful.

The grilled pork chop with green apple was again well cooked and the green apple was a nice way to cut through the richness of the meat.

Last item we had was the roast chicken with corn, with sides of roast potatoes and cracked wheat and freekeh salad.  Gotta say, the chicken was amazing!  And corn is one of my favourite ingredients so it was a perfect little dish.  The sides were also very tasty.

Another great dining experience makes for a happy diner.  Love Cumulus Inc.!

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Barbuto… amazing roast chicken!

I loved having lunch here so much that we came here twice during our 11 day stay in NYC.  Barbuto has that perfect mix of casual dining with great fresh food.   Dishes are the old favourites and priced reasonably.  We were there in summer, so it was really lovely sitting there with the blinds up and the cool breeze coming through.

For the tourists (like me!) this was also a great spot to lunch prior to shopping in the East Village!  Also, it’s close to Magnolia cupcakes.

The dish that we had each time we visited was the “pollo al forno” described as roasted JW chicken and salsa verde.  Succulent chicken, crispy skin with herbs.  Yum!

Jonathan Waxman Barbuto roast chicken

The “linguetinne alla carbonara” had pancetta, farmhouse eggs, black pepper and parmesan and was a well done version of the old fav carbonara.  The dish was massive!  I struggled through it for lunch as it was quite rich and salty.

Jonathan Waxman Barbuto

The “insalata di bistecca” was a arugula salad with skirt steak, parmesan and vinegar.  It was a nice fresh salad with nice pieces of steak through it.

Jonathan Waxman Barbuto

The “patate” side dish was fantastic!  The potatoes were super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.   It was served with pecorino cheese and rosemary.   If anyone knows how they make these potatoes, please let me know!

Last but not least is the dessert.  It was awesome!  Had biscuit bits, banana, cream, chocolate sauce and ice cream.  Great way to end the meal.

I loved everything about this place.  The location, the service, the atmosphere, the layout, and most importantly the food.  I’d happily eat here again and again and again…

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My Favourite French Restaurant… Bistro Guillaume

My favourite French restaurant in Melbourne is Bistro Guillaume located at Crown Casino.   I loved the original Guillaume at Crown, but the new Bistro has a more casual feel which means more frequent visits.  The restaurant is lovely and simple, with good service and excellent food.

I’ve had three entrees at Guillaume, the “Onion soup“, “Charcuterie plate” and “In house smoked salmon with dill cream and toasted brioche“.  All three are superb,  however, if I had to pick one, I would choose the charcuterie plate – it had a great variety of cured meats, terrine, and pate with foie gras.  Superb!

For mains, there is a solid variety of meats and seafood.  The “Berkshire Pork belly served with lentils and tarragon vinaigrette” has a lovely crispy skin on with a juicy cut of belly.  The sauce and lentils were a good companion to the belly, without overpowering the taste of the meat.

The “Barramundi with carrot and ginger purée, coriander butter and pommes allumettes” has a delicate balance ginger and fish, and the texture of the fish and potatoes is beautiful.  Very similar dish to the John Dory dish in the Guillaume at Bennelong degustation (which I raved about as the best dish of the degustation).   In the photo below, the most impressive part of the meal is depicted – the “Paris mash“.  I don’t want to think about how much butter is in it, but damn it is a good mash.

My favourite main is “Half a roasted chicken with Paris mash and chicken jus”.  In my opinion, it’s the best roast chook out there (better than PM24).  Crispy skin, succulent meat and a lovely sauce – yum!

Overall, a superb French dining experience.

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