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Daylesford Adventures

For my mom’s birthday pressie, my sister and I decided to take her away to Daylesford for the weekend.   Daylesford is a lovely little town with great places to eat!  Two places stand out for me, which are:  Kazuki’s and Cliffy’s Emporium.   Another place of note in the region is Du Fermier in Trentham which rocked my socks.

Let’s start with Cliffy’s.  It’s just a nice little cafe with great brunch.  I wish I took pics, but alas I can only recall that the cheddar potato hash was excellent, the scones were a delightful afternoon snack and the cakes were great!    Most importantly, coffee was solid.  We brunched there twice and got takeaway coffees and cake once.

Kazuki’s was fabulous.  A very solid restaurant with great food and superb service.  Started with a beautiful “house smoked salmon, spanner crab, cucumber, edamame“.  Light and delicate, really beautiful to eat and to look at.IMG_6636.JPG

The second dish I had was the “pork belly, bun, kimchi, apple“.  Mix of different textures, and delicious.


For main I had the “Sher Wagyu porterhouse, MS 9+, chimmichurri, chargrilled vegetables” which was spectacular.  Loved this dish.


Dessert was “Tonka bean crème brûlée, lychee sorbet, meringue, raspberry“.   Again, beautiful to look at and beautiful to eat.


Would you believe, after that 4 course dinner, I went to Du Fermier the next day?  By the end of this holiday, I was well and truly well and over fed.

The concept at Du Fermier is that there is no menu, they serve you whatever it is that’s in season and available.    We started with the best savoury tart I’ve ever had, which were filled with leeks from the chefs garden.   Was amazing.


The main was a shared plate consisting of wagyu steak with garlic croutons roast vegetables with a veal jus.  It was so so so good.  I honestly can’t describe how good it was.  All I know is that it was perfect and I want to eat it all over again.


Dessert was lemon curd and meringues.   It was pretty darn good.


My mom, sister and I had an amazing time in Daylesford enjoying the sights, hot springs and massages.  The food was also amazing and on a whole new level of regional dining.  I seriously can’t wait to get back to Du Fermier.

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Food adventures in Singapore

Ate lots of great food in Singapore, some of the highlights are below!

No matter what city I’m in, somehow I always end up at Din Tai Fung!  I’m a sucker for the Xiao Long Bao.  The thing about DTF is that no matter where you go, the XLB are made perfectly with thin pastry and a rich tasty soup inside.



We queued in the heat for the famously famous Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice.   Google anything related to food and Singapore and this place will pop up.   I have no advice to give for when to go to avoid queues as I was there on a weekday at 2pm and still had to wait over 40 minutes!   BUT it was worth it!  The chicken was silky, the soup was good but it’s the rice  (that’s been cooked in chicken stock) that’s the real winner.



Since we were at the hawker centre we also had some crispy skinned pork.  Delicious!



We stayed at the W Singapore Sentosa Cove hotel and dined at their steak restaurant called Skirt.  Gotta say,  I was very impressed by the food.  We had grilled prawns and steak (you can’t go to a streak joint and not have a steak!).



One thing I love about staying in hotels in Asian countries and having breakfast there is that there’s always noodle soup in the breakfast buffet!  Love it!



And lastly, we had to go have the original Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel.   One of these babies will set you back $27 (gasp!).   You’re also paying for the atmosphere and being part of a bygone era (where everyone went broke from drinking Singapore Slings?).



Hope you enjoyed the little highlights from my trip to Singapore!

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Crabapple Friday Night Flights to Tuscany

Another Crabapple Kitchen “Friday Night Flights” dinner, this time to Tuscany.  As usual, food is fantastic and great value for money.  Love the added touches of background Italian music and special beers and cocktails to accompany the meal.

Started with a moorish and salty “fennel salumi, bread and local extra virgin olive oil“.


Liver crostini with Vin Santo, marjoram and aged balsamic vinegar” was delicious and tangy.  The liver was cooked well and the dish had a nice tangy balance.


The next dish was something I’d never had before.  The “Necci” – chestnut flour crepe filled with truffled ricotta and parmesan – was a lovely delicate dish.


Nothing beats a hearty stew!  The “Ribollita” – Classic Tuscan peasant-style soup of cavolo nero, Borlotti beans and root vegetables was a lovely light stew with yummy crusty herd bread.


Perfectly cooked pasta dish is expected in any Italian meal.  The “pappardelle with a pork and porchini ragu, parmesan and bruschetta for mopping” delivered on all aspects.  IMG_1051

Finished with “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” – T-bone steak “Rosemary brush” with braised cavolo nero rainbow chard and roasted potatoes” which was excellent.IMG_1053

As always, love Crabapple!

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Little Hunter – RIP

So this was a dinner that we had last year late Sept, right before Little Hunter closed it’s doors forever in October.  I must say, this was my second time there and I enjoyed it more than the first.  This time round I got to eat really rich food and lots of it!

Started with the customary cheesy bread with chicken skin butter.   First time I had this, it was a revelation.  This time round, it was a bit too rich.  Not sure if the dish changed, or I changed. IMG_1075 Made the mistake of ordering a fish dish in a meat restaurant.   The dill cured ocean trout, horseradish, creme fraiche, capers was really the token non-meat-lover appeasing dish.  It was a good entree, but nothing outstanding. IMG_1076 The roast duck in puy lentils entree was amazing.  The duck was smoky, and had a good crispy skin.   The lentils were exploding with flavour. IMG_1077 I ordered the “Poon Boon Lamb, gnoccho alla Roma,  braised chard, crushed olives” dish as I was quite intrigued by the description that I would be getting different pieces of lamb in different types of prep.  Geez was I shocked when the dish arrived and it was huge!  There was a sausage, a roast, a braise,  a loin with little pieces of gnocchi!  Amazing in taste, but an overwhelmingly large dish. IMG_1078 We had battered broccoli, salted ricotta for a side.  Yeah, went a bit overboard with the ordering there… IMG_1079 My boyfriend ordered the Wagyu flank, lyonnaise onions, confit kiplers, which by comparison to my Poon Boon lamb looked like a dainty supermodel.IMG_1080

I’m disappointed that Little Hunter has disappeared.  There were glimpses of brilliance in the menu.  Oh well…

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Revisiting La Luna Bistro… Yay!

After my first visit to La Luna, I’d been raving about it to my boyfriend, so I had to take him there.  Booked in a surprise dinner for him on a Saturday night.  The restaurant was really busy but that didn’t compromise the service or quality of food.  We were seated upstairs in a nice little room next to another room where there was a very lively party.

Started the dinner with a lovely “tasting plate, selection of all our small goods“.  It was fabulous, and pretty as a picture.   There was a generous assortment of meats, pickled vegetables, olives and crispy bread.

Tasting plate, selection of all our small goodsI had the “chicken, mushroom & leek, suet pastry pie, carrot & swede mash” – I am such a sucker for pie, if it’s on a menu, I will order it.   The pie was delicious, the extra gravy on the plate helps!

Chicken, mushroom & leek, suet pastry pie, carrot & swede mash

The boyfriend had a “Porterhouse 300gms, buttered beans” – which was perfectly cooked and for some reason, felt like more than 300gms.

Porterhouse 300GMS, Buttered beans

And we had two sides to share: “house fries” and “broccoli, almonds, proscuitto, Manchego“.  Fries were good, but the broccoli was amazing!  The broccoli was cooked perfectly (soft but still with a crunch) and the almonds etc tasted amazing with it!

house fries and broccoli, almonds, proscuitto, ManchegoSecond visit to La Luna, and still just as impressed as the first time.  The food is fantastic, the service is great, and the restaurant is so lovely (almost quaint).  Definitely going back the next chance I get!

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Builders Arms Hotel…. *drool*

Builders Arms Hotel is amazing!  Went there for date night a few weeks ago as I was craving roast, and was totally blown away by how good the food was.

First up, we had crispy pork and school prawns.  Pieces of pork crackling and crispy school prawns in a dish together – who woulda thunk?  It was great.


The prawn omelette, aioli and smoked paprika was a fluffy, soft and tasty pan of goodness.  Topped with a dollop of aioli.  Excellent stuff!

As mentioned earlier, I was craving roast so I had to have the slow roast beef, with hasselback potatoes.  The beef is hidden under the greens in the pic below, but let me assure you, it was roasted perfection.IMG_0754My dearest fiance had ‘The George’ NY strip, 250g, fried egg and gentleman’s relish and we shared a side of chips.   Whilst I didn’t taste the steak, no doubt the food was exceedingly well presented and judging by the silence that followed as soon as the plate hit the table, I’m going out on a limb to say it was tasty.

Oh dear, as I write this post, I’m trying to think of the next time I’ll get to visit Builders Arms.  I’d definitely get the prawns and the omelette.  I’m already drooling thinking about this…

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Little Hunter: Chicken Skin Butter

Dined with girlfriends at Little Hunter in March 2013 in the early days of this restaurant.  Location wise, it’s a bit tricky to find and the building is almost like a construction site.  But once you get in there, it’s modern and stylish but perhaps a tad dark.

The most awesome surprise arrived with the bread:  chicken skin butter.  And oh my, did it taste devine!   I’d say it’s a heart attack in a bowl.  Luckily for me, they gave us a very modest amount of it.
Bread and chicken skin butter

We tried a few things, including the beef tartare which came out more like sashimi.  It was really good.  Also had a serve of the pork crackling.  I really wished I had a beer to go with that.  And footy on the TV.

Beef tartare

Pork cracklingGiven it’s suppose to be a steak kinda place,  for my main I had steak.  I don’t remember what cut of meat it was but it was excellent.  Had a wonderful smoked flavour and cooked perfectly. Came with a nice solid mushroom and sauce.  Yum!


I think Little Hunter is still finding it’s feet.  Some things were amazing (chicken skin butter, the steak) but it still felt like there were elements that needed some work.  Would I go back?   Sure, only to give it another go.   And for the butter.

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