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Dos Caminos… awesome Mexican food in New York!

I suffered from extreme jealousy whilst in New York.  They have Dos Caminos.  Melbourne only has one place for delicious Mexican, whilst New Yorkers have numerous Dos Caminos littered all over Manhattan. Not only that, you don’t have to queue up and wait for an obscene amount of time to get a table.  And, the food is fantastic.  And the cost is not ridiculous.

The traditional guacamole made fresh to order was delicious!  The ingredients were fresh and the perfect balance of creamy and tangy.  Came with a mild, medium and hot salsa on the side with crispy tortilla chips.

The Dos Enchiladas consisted of roasted chicken rolled in corn tortillas, chihuahua cheese (it’s what it says on the menu!), mole poblano and tomatillo verde sauces was basically two enchiladas served with two sauces (reminded me of yin and yang).  Flavourful and saucy.

The grilled shrimp quesadilla was so good, we went back for it twice!   An open-faced crispy flour tortilla topped with chile-marinated shrimp, mexican cheeses, smoked wild mushrooms and oven-dried tomatoes.  My darling boyfriend describes it as “almost a pizza”.

A lighter alternative to all the cheesy richness is the Tacos Camarones.  Soft flour tortillas  filled with sautéed shrimp, house hot sauce, pineapple-habanero pico de gallo and avocado.  After eating heavy meals every single day on holidays, this was a tasty light alternative.

Sigh…  I wish we had a Dos Caminos in Melbourne.  I would be having margaritas and tacos all day long…

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Ola Mamasita!

Thought I’d posts some pics and thoughts on one of my Melbourne favs…Mamasita!  Been there a handful of times, and I’m rarely disappointed.

Food you have to have… the tasty BBQ street corn covered in cheese with a light dusting of paprika, the crab tostatdas (pictured above) which are the perfect combination of sweet crab, hot jalapeño (beware!) and crispy corn chip, and the soft tasty fish inside the fluffy taco perfected with a squeeze of lime…

Other things that are tasty…  chicken quesadilla, the salty and tangy Mamasita margarita and the BBQ prawn dish…

Sure you have to queue for a ridiculous amount of time, and 3 out of 4 times you’ll probably abandon the line… but when you get in, damn the food is tasty!

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