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Crabapple Friday Night Flights to Tuscany

Another Crabapple Kitchen “Friday Night Flights” dinner, this time to Tuscany.  As usual, food is fantastic and great value for money.  Love the added touches of background Italian music and special beers and cocktails to accompany the meal.

Started with a moorish and salty “fennel salumi, bread and local extra virgin olive oil“.


Liver crostini with Vin Santo, marjoram and aged balsamic vinegar” was delicious and tangy.  The liver was cooked well and the dish had a nice tangy balance.


The next dish was something I’d never had before.  The “Necci” – chestnut flour crepe filled with truffled ricotta and parmesan – was a lovely delicate dish.


Nothing beats a hearty stew!  The “Ribollita” – Classic Tuscan peasant-style soup of cavolo nero, Borlotti beans and root vegetables was a lovely light stew with yummy crusty herd bread.


Perfectly cooked pasta dish is expected in any Italian meal.  The “pappardelle with a pork and porchini ragu, parmesan and bruschetta for mopping” delivered on all aspects.  IMG_1051

Finished with “Bistecca alla Fiorentina” – T-bone steak “Rosemary brush” with braised cavolo nero rainbow chard and roasted potatoes” which was excellent.IMG_1053

As always, love Crabapple!

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Crabapple Kitchen trip to Burgundy

Was at Friday Night Flights at Crabapple Kitchen for the trip to Burgundy.  We googled the food of Burgundy before the night and we pretty much got Burgundy’s greatest hits for the dinner.   It was amazing, as always!  Great value for money, good wine and great service.

Started with delicious “Gougeres – little savoury golden choux pastry treats filled with cheese sauce” – puffy cheesy goodness.


The “Beef & burgundy sausage with puy lentils, spinach, mustard sauce and parsley” was devine!  Beautiful tender sausages with a mustard sauce and rich lentils.  So good!IMG_0955

The “Jambon Persille – pork and parsley terrine served with cornichons and Dijon mustard” was a fresh and salty terrine.  Different to most other terrine’s I’ve had, in that it wasn’t heavy or too rich.


The “Oeufs en Meurette – eggs poached in a red wine with mushroom and tarragon sauce” was beautiful!  Silky red wine sauce with a ridiculously rich taste.


Coq au vin – chicken thigh slow cooked in aromatic wine with mushroom and carrot puree” was very tasty and rich.  Beautiful sticky glazed chicken….  Yum!IMG_0961

The old “Boeuf Bourguignon – Beef cheek with button mushrooms, smoked bacon, shallots and potato mash” was a lighter version than what I’ve previously had, but it packed a flavour punch and the beef was very tender.IMG_0962

To end the meal, we had to have the “Rigodon-Brioche, hazelnut and cinnamon pudding with pouring cream” dessert which was buttery and light.IMG_0964

Thank you Crabapple for taking me on such a wonderful culinary journey.  Food was absolutely perfect and I felt like I was in Burgundy for the evening.

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Roaming through Rome at Crabapple Kitchen

When I first heard about the “Friday Night Flights” at Crabapple Kitchen I just had to go.   $45 for 6 courses with a travel destination theme (rotating every 2 weeks).   So with great anticipation, we went to “Roam in Rome” which was one of the best dinner I’ve had this year.  The food was inspired, and I felt like I went on a mini holiday.  Cocktails, beer and wine to match the theme of the night added to the atmosphere.

We started with “Pizza Bianca – focaccia style bread with potato, garlic, Fontina and rosemary“.  It was perfectly fluffy focaccia with paper thin slices of potato and cheese and sprinkled with sea salt.  Delicious.


The “rice croquettes ‘al telefono’ with peas, ham and Mozzarella di Bufala” was my favourite dish of the night.  The croquettes were crispy outside, with perfect risotto on the inside.  Loved it.


The “Borlotti bean soup with shrimp, calamari and mussels” was a rich hearty soup which a lovely seafood taste.


Who can resist a good slow cooked meat dish?  The “Coda all vaccinara – oxtail stew ‘Quinto Quarto’ braised the butchers way and cavolo nero” was all that.  Slow cooked, tender meat with a rich tomato base and accompanied by toasted salted herb bread.


The”Penne Cabonara ‘Coal Miner’s Dust’ with pancetta, Pecorino and a touch of cream” was great – perfectly cooked pasta, was a lovely light dish, and hit all the right notes (mmm salty pancetta).


Finished the dinner with “Pork ‘Agrodolce’ – the flavours of Saltimbocca with firm polenta and sweet & sour sauce“.   Wonderfully cooked pork stuffed with fruits and nuts, with creamy polenta.  All very good.


So dear reader, where does this leave us?   A delicious dinner at an event which will not be repeated in the foreseeable future.   I would highly recommend it and would go back in a heartbeat (we’ve been back twice for two other destinations!).  So, if you get the opportunity anytime soon to attend “Friday Night Flights” – do it!

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