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Delightful Lunch at Movida Aqui

Right, this is my third Movida Aqui review.  I can’t help it, I love the food there!   Was here for a quick lunch with girlfriends.

The “Bocadillo de Calamares” (Calamari sandwich with Basque Guindilla and Mayonnaise) was delicious.

My old favourite the “Bomba” (Catalan Potato Bomb Filled with Chorizo) never disappoints.

We had the special of the day which was a gorgous fluffly “Crab Omelette“.

The “Carrillera de Buey”  (Slowly Braised Beef Cheek in Pedro Ximenez on Cauliflower Puree) is slow cooked perfection.

Yeah, I eat here a lot.  And that’s cause it’s fantastic!

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Movida Next Door

After a few drinks on a weeknight we ventured to Movida Next Door for a late dinner.  You’d think that one would not have to wait for a table at 9pm but we were hanging at the bar for 20 mins before getting a seat to eat.   Aside from that, dinner was marvellous!  Food, service and drinks were all perfect for a quick late dinner after a couple of drinks.

First up, we had the “Croqueta – Fried Croqueta of Hamon and Leek“.  It was soft and creamy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.  You could really taste the leek through the croquette.  Yum!

We then had something from the specials board  – which was “crumbed soft pulled pork“.  It was meaty goodness and similar to the croquette contained wonderfully soft tasty pork encased in a crunchy crispy outside.  Delicious!

My old favourite is the “Bomba – Chorizo Filled Catalan Potato Bomb with a Spicy Sauce“.  You can’t go wrong putting a salty spicy sausage inside mashed potato and deep frying it!  And topping these mouthfuls of delight is a yummy sauce.

The “grilled fresh prawns” were absolutely stunning.  Fresh, cooked perfectly and simply and tasty!

I’ve been on a cured meat rampage of late and therefore could not resist the “Embudito  – Selection of Spanish Small Goods“.   Salty, smokey, meaty, spicy and with varying consistencies…. all very good.  Especially with beer!

This dish was good, but after all the other fantastic ones, this one was the one I could have done without.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good, the other dishes are just better.  “Pollo – Chicken Skewer Grilled on Charcoal” – tasted like barbecued chicken!  Apologies for the photo below, we were already digging into it by then!

The last dish we had was outstanding.  It was another chalkboard special of “Grilled octopus“.  It came pretty as a picture and was served with potatoes and various sauces.  The octopus was grilled and cut into bite sized pieces along with the potato.  Yum!

As always, the Movida experience means that you’ll get tasty fresh Spanish food.  I’ve not once been disappointed and can’t wait to go again for a late dinner!

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Movida Aqui… Yummy Spanish Food!

We are so lucky to have 3 Movida’s in Melbourne.  The original Movida which is constantly booked out and a bit more upscale, the uber cool Movida Next Door which is constantly packed… and then we have Movida Aqui which is located in a quieter part of the city, but has the same great food and service (without rejections when booking or waiting an hour for a table!).

Went for a superb lunch there prior to Xmas, and this was what we had…

First item was from the tapas menu,  Anchoa which was described as hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan anchovy on crouton with smoked tomato sorbet.  Yeah, I’m not normally a fan of anchovies but someone else wanted to order this and I gave it a go… and it was amazing!  The fish wasn’t overpowering and with the crispy crouton and icy cold sorbet it was a great combination.

Next up was the Vieira which was live half shell Western Australian scallops with jamon and potato foam… perfectly cooked scallop with salty jamon topped with a creamy foam, you can’t go wrong!

No visit to a Spanish restaurant would be complete without a paella, and we had the Paella de Marisco which had Bomba rice cooked with seafood and saffron…  perfectly cooked seafood, the rice at the bottom of the pan had that lovely crispiness and tasty saucy flavours!  Yum!

Last dish we had was the steak… it probably has a fancy name (which I don’t recall) but it was a massive (400g?) fillet off the bone perfectly cooked and served with potato puree.  It was awesome!

One of my favourite places to dine in Melbourne – hassle free, great atmosphere and good food!  I would gladly choose this over the other 2 Movida’s!

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