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Deliciously hot and fiery food at Spice Temple

I love spicy Chinese food and Spice Temple delivers on many different levels of it.  The restaurant decor is very modern has a certain sexiness to it, and the food is wonderfully exciting and made from great fresh ingredients.  Was here as for a reunion dinner with 2 of my favorite ex-workmates and it was a blast – spicy food and lots of wine!

We started with “fried salt and pepper silken tofu with chilli“.  The tofu was delicately fried on the outside and silky on the inside, and served with a fresh chilli sauce.

Fried salt and pepper silken tofu with chilli

The “fish fragrant eggplant” was absolutely delicious.  Eggplant that had been fried so it’s crispy and then coated with a powerful tangy spicy sauce.

Fish fragrant eggplant

The “king prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressing” had chunks of prawn meat in the wonton and the was swimming in spicy sauce.  Loved it!

King Prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressing

The “stir fried sea scallops with handmade egg noodles and chilli paste” was a lovely dish that had sweet scallops thrown into wonderfully thick and tasty noodles.  No surprises here – the dish taste exactly as the description.

Stir fried sea scallops with handmade egg noodles and chilli paste

The “steamed snapper with salted chilli and black bean” was the dish that the waitress recommended to us and it was a good choice as the fish was fresh and tasted wonderful with the chilli and black bean.

Steamed Snapper with salted chilli and black bean

Given we were having such a great time and the food was superb, we decided to have dessert!  The “caramel chocolate and peanut parfait” was a rich and delicious.

Caramel chocolate and peanut parfait

And I love a good mango pudding so the “mango pudding with condensed milk chantillyhad to be ordered!  It was creamy and delicious.

Mango pudding with condensed milk chantilly

Upmarket Chinese food that delivers a punch – I think it’s a difficult feat to accomplish and Spice Temple does it wonderfully.  The food does not hold back on flavour and chilli.  Coupled with great atmosphere, location and service, it’s a winner for me.

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Bistro Guillaume… oui oui!

Another great dinner at  Bistro Guillaume.  As most of you know, Bistro Guillaume is currently my favourite French restaurant in Melbourne.  Casual atmosphere, fantastic food, good value for money and a good selection of French fare.

Started with the delectable “Charcuterie Plate“.  A selection of cured meats is served alongside foie gras pate, savoury crispy toast, terrine and a rilette.   A couple of crunchy gherkins accompany to break through the richness of the meats.  A good selection, all very tasty.

The “Scallops with Mushrooms and Potato Crisps” is from the specials menu.  Five plump juicy scallops sit surrounding a thick mushroom ragu, garnished by potato crisps.  Very delicious and tasty.  It’s not a big dish, so works perfectly if you’re intending on having an entree, side and/or dessert to go with it.

The “Beef Daube” is a beef stew served atop a creamy mash potato.  The meat has been cooked to tender perfection and the sauce is thick yummy goodness.

We had the mains served with “Cauliflower Gratin“.  The crispy cheesiness went exceedingly well with our mains.

Bon appetite!

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