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Little Hunter – RIP

So this was a dinner that we had last year late Sept, right before Little Hunter closed it’s doors forever in October.  I must say, this was my second time there and I enjoyed it more than the first.  This time round I got to eat really rich food and lots of it!

Started with the customary cheesy bread with chicken skin butter.   First time I had this, it was a revelation.  This time round, it was a bit too rich.  Not sure if the dish changed, or I changed. IMG_1075 Made the mistake of ordering a fish dish in a meat restaurant.   The dill cured ocean trout, horseradish, creme fraiche, capers was really the token non-meat-lover appeasing dish.  It was a good entree, but nothing outstanding. IMG_1076 The roast duck in puy lentils entree was amazing.  The duck was smoky, and had a good crispy skin.   The lentils were exploding with flavour. IMG_1077 I ordered the “Poon Boon Lamb, gnoccho alla Roma,  braised chard, crushed olives” dish as I was quite intrigued by the description that I would be getting different pieces of lamb in different types of prep.  Geez was I shocked when the dish arrived and it was huge!  There was a sausage, a roast, a braise,  a loin with little pieces of gnocchi!  Amazing in taste, but an overwhelmingly large dish. IMG_1078 We had battered broccoli, salted ricotta for a side.  Yeah, went a bit overboard with the ordering there… IMG_1079 My boyfriend ordered the Wagyu flank, lyonnaise onions, confit kiplers, which by comparison to my Poon Boon lamb looked like a dainty supermodel.IMG_1080

I’m disappointed that Little Hunter has disappeared.  There were glimpses of brilliance in the menu.  Oh well…

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Little Hunter: Chicken Skin Butter

Dined with girlfriends at Little Hunter in March 2013 in the early days of this restaurant.  Location wise, it’s a bit tricky to find and the building is almost like a construction site.  But once you get in there, it’s modern and stylish but perhaps a tad dark.

The most awesome surprise arrived with the bread:  chicken skin butter.  And oh my, did it taste devine!   I’d say it’s a heart attack in a bowl.  Luckily for me, they gave us a very modest amount of it.
Bread and chicken skin butter

We tried a few things, including the beef tartare which came out more like sashimi.  It was really good.  Also had a serve of the pork crackling.  I really wished I had a beer to go with that.  And footy on the TV.

Beef tartare

Pork cracklingGiven it’s suppose to be a steak kinda place,  for my main I had steak.  I don’t remember what cut of meat it was but it was excellent.  Had a wonderful smoked flavour and cooked perfectly. Came with a nice solid mushroom and sauce.  Yum!


I think Little Hunter is still finding it’s feet.  Some things were amazing (chicken skin butter, the steak) but it still felt like there were elements that needed some work.  Would I go back?   Sure, only to give it another go.   And for the butter.

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