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The almighty Laksa King

The best laksa in Melbourne without a doubt, is at Laksa King.

The combination laksa has a great flavour, is loaded with noodles, prawns, chicken, tofu, and is so reasonably priced!   Soupy goodness!

From the entrees, we’ve had the Lobak (pork mince wrapped in tofu skin) and Chicken Satay.  Both are good, with the lobak being deep fried salty goodness, and the satay is delicious with the peanut sauce.

If laksa is not your thing, then there’s the old favourite Chow Kuey Teow if that tickles your fancy, or the inventive Laksa King Special Fried Rice which had roast duck and the usual fried rice friendly veges.

There are lots of other hawker style dishes to try, such as the Prawn Noodles and Mee Goreng, and lots of dishes to have with rice.  Personally, on the occasions that I do get to Flemington, I stick with the Laksa or the Chow Kuey Teow.

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