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Estelle Restaurant & Bar… great new dining experience!

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve been so thrilled by a restaurant.  I’d heard good things about Estelle Bar & Kitchen prior to going but the dinner itself was spectacular!  I was there for a friend’s birthday dinner which started out in the sunny courtyard for a few drinks then up to the private dining room.

Prior to the degustation starting, we were given little snacks… I don’t quite remember exactly what they were but they were very good, especially the little sticks (bottom right of the photo below).

Dish 1:  Beetroot, ashed goats cheese & orange.  A light start to the meal, well balanced and tasty.

Dish 2: Smoked eel, camomile & carrot.  The eel was delicately smoky and offset with the light camomile cream.

Dish 3: Yellowfin tuna, horseradish & red cabbage, or blue eye bakala, fennel & lemon.  The tuna was superb – it was coated in what seemed like mini rice crispies which had a wonderful texture.  The blue eye was salted and had a great tangy lemony flavour.  My understanding of “bakala” is that it is a Portugese way of salting fish.

Dish 4: White asparagus, 63 degree egg & brioche crumbs.  Most of you would know that I don’t eat eggs, so I had a different version of this dish was which topped with a cauliflower sausage (I initially thought it was silky tofu).

Dish 5: King salmon, peas, mint and purple shiso. Fish was perfectly cooked, flavours were in harmony.  A fantastic dish.

Dish 6:  A taste of new season’s lamb, or saddle of kangaroo, celeriac & baby turnips.  The token meat dish both were cooked superbly and with lovely accompanying vegetables.

Dish 7:   Strawberries, basil & vanilla.  Lovely icy dessert to ease us into the sweets.

Dish 8:  Summer berries, rose & musk.  I love this dessert.  It looks beautiful and it tasted fresh and summery.  The chips of rose and musk atop a berry ice cream and fresh berries – yum!

Dish 9:  Sour cream, pumpkin & salted caramel.  Soft pieces of cake topped with sour cream and pumpkin and caramel sauce – it was a nice way to end the dinner.

These words describe my overall experience of Estelle: delicate, enchanting, and well balanced.  This is a great dining experience, and at a very reasonable price for the quality of food.  Get in there before it gets too popular!

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Sweets for my sweet!

Thought I’d post up the collection of sweets & desserts I’ve accumulated over the course of the year…  I’m not big on sweets and desserts, but when it looks so good, and taste yummy, I’m all in!

So we’re starting with treats in the morning.  What could be more delightful then a good cup of coffee, with a truffle or macaroons to go along with it?

The coffee on the left is from Caffe Esc in Docklands, great coffee, great guys and on the right we have Cafe Vue (the old cup, not the new black and white fancy ones) along with the best macaroons in the city.

Morning tea delights of French toast with banana, cream and toffee sauce (Seven Seeds) or mini cupcakes in various flavours (Little Cupcakes).

I love the variety on dessert platters!  Maha‘s platter consisted of fluffy donuts, chocolate ice cream, panna cotta with honeycomb and a middle eastern inspired creme brule.

This little fluff ball comes from Spice Temple.  I don’t remember the exact description but I’d describe it as a kumquat filled cupcake topped with citrus turkish fairy floss!

The humble pavlova is one of my favourite desserts, and this lovely, simple and light dessert is taken to a whole new level at the Palace Hotel.   It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, and delicious.  The Eton’s Mess is also another winner at the Palace, however, it’s not on the menu for this summer.

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