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Ola Mamasita!

Thought I’d posts some pics and thoughts on one of my Melbourne favs…Mamasita!  Been there a handful of times, and I’m rarely disappointed.

Food you have to have… the tasty BBQ street corn covered in cheese with a light dusting of paprika, the crab tostatdas (pictured above) which are the perfect combination of sweet crab, hot jalapeño (beware!) and crispy corn chip, and the soft tasty fish inside the fluffy taco perfected with a squeeze of lime…

Other things that are tasty…  chicken quesadilla, the salty and tangy Mamasita margarita and the BBQ prawn dish…

Sure you have to queue for a ridiculous amount of time, and 3 out of 4 times you’ll probably abandon the line… but when you get in, damn the food is tasty!

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