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Easter Weekend at Mt Macedon

First trip out of the city was to Mt Macedon, located 80kms out of Melbourne.  Tagged along to my boyfriends annual trip with his mates.   Drove straight there without stopping anywhere on the way, so I can’t comment on the coffee or toilet facilities of any of the towns nearby.

We were lucky to be staying at the fabulous  Sky House which was exactly as beautiful and idyllic as described in the website.  It’s up on Mt Macedon and has a beautiful view of the valley below and Hanging Rock.  The only tricky thing – finding the house up the mountain!  Google maps does not work for this place!

The weekend was leisurely and we spent a day or two exploring the nearby attractions (Hanging Rock) and towns (Woodend & Trentham).   Hanging Rock was as expected with nice grounds to explore, walking tracks, and a quaint cafe to have tea and cake.  I wasn’t terribly amused by Hanging Rock but none the less, it was nice to be there on a sunny day.

Woodend was like the Toorak of the northwest!  Saw luxury cars driving around (a Maserati and a Porsche).   The main street has nice little shops for trinkets and antiques, and a few cafes.  The big highlight of Woodend for me was the Holgate Brewery which had fantastic beer with a nice small town feel to it.

Trentham is a relatively small town, with a few shops and the delightful Cosmopolitan Hotel.   The pub burnt down (a year ago?) and since then, they’ve been having a makeshift pub out in the garden and stables.  The food is good, but it’s the atmosphere that makes it.  Sunshine, live band, good food – awesome!

We also stopped by Kyneton, but later discovered that we were not in the main street.  Instead we were where the locals hung out.  It was unspectacular, but we did stumble upon a few antique stores which were full of old furniture (if you like that kind of thing).

I’d love to go back to the house and Woodend, definitely would recommend it!

Total kms = 200kms (14,800 to go!)

(2nd – 5th April 2010)

More on the Cosmopolitan Hotel:

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More on Holgate Brewhouse:

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The Plan… (as at 1st April 2010)

The list of places that I’d wanted to visit were collated from my faithful Good Food Guide, Gourmet Traveler magazines and recommendations by friends and family.  I started the year with the following list of places that I’d wanted to see.

From the Good Food Guide 2010:

  • Simone’s (Bright)
  • Royal George Hotel (Kyneton)
  • Provenance (Beechworth)
  • Royal Mail Hotel (Dunkeld)
  • Merrijig Inn (Port Fairy)

From The Age “Victoria’s best boutique hotels“:

  • Royal Mail Hotel (Dunkeld)
  • The Empyre (Castlemaine)

Childhood interests and word of mouth:

  • Echuca
  • Wilson’s Prom
  • Eco-Luxe (Avoca)

Planning on one trip a month… watch those km’s go up!

Hello world!

Time to start blogging about my travels around Victoria whilst trying to clock up 15,000kms on my car!  Reason for the 15,000kms?  I need to get at least that to get a tax benefit for my car’s lease…

So, I’m going to go in chronological order from the 1st of April and try to remember some of the details of the previous trips…  And moving forward, will be blogging new trips!

I love good food and wine, and am addicted to luxury accommodation.  I’m lucky to be in a position to be able to enjoy those things and would like to start documenting it so I don’t forget them!