My new favourite restaurant: Brooks

Brooks is a delightfully intimate restaurant with outstanding food.  It has a nice back story – Nic Poelart is mates with the guys from Gerald’s bar and decides to open this place together.  Those who have been to Embrasse know Nic is such a lovely and thoughtful cook.   They have a philosophy to treat diners as guests at their restaurants and it shows.

Started with the amazing chicken liver parfait with rye bread”, which were like little pillows of deliciousness.   I wish I had more!

Chicken liver parfait in rye pillows

There were oysters on the menu, and of course, they were fresh and pretty as a picture.


The “meli of vegetables” were a carry over from Embrasse and is as good a dish as ever.  I think they are the best vegetables I’ve ever had.  And so darn pretty, I didn’t know where to begin eating!

meli of vegetables

 We had the “marron done two ways“.  I don’t exactly remember what it was served with, but it was really good!  I think the first dish involved cauliflower.  Take my word for it, it was awesome 🙂


Finished off the savoury courses with a delicious smokey beef, served with the cheesiest mash potato I have ever had.  I could only eat a small quantity as it was so rich!  Loved it!

steak and mash

Before launching into the sweet stuff, I had to have some cheese.  After all, I am a French person stuck in the body of a Chinese Malaysian.

cheese selection

I had to finish my dinner with the “forrest floor” dessert.  I’d missed out on having it at Embrasse and I’d been habouring this desire for it for years!  Different chocolate textures, some mint, and it was amazing!  And very pretty!


So, I don’t think I need to reiterate how in love I am with Brooks.  I have been back once already, and can’t wait to get back there again!

For more info and reviews:

Brooks on Urbanspoon

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