The Atlantic… great seafood cocktail!

Decided to take my mom to Atlantic for her birthday, as she loves Donovan’s (St Kilda) and wanted to try his new restaurant.  First impressions upon walking in is that this is nothing like the casual beachside atmosphere of Donovan’s, instead we have a sophisticated Crown Casino friendly fine dining restaurant.  The decor and furnishing is stunning.

The menu changes daily, but I’m guessing that only applies to fish dishes and that the more steady dishes are seasonal.  We were there mid Jan, and the food was fabulous and fresh.  Note:  I’m naming these dishes based on what I can remember but I’m sure they had nicer/fancier names on the menu!

Started with really great strong entrees such as the “seafood cocktail with lobster, prawn, scallop” – which was totally awesome!  If you’re only going to have one thing whilst there, have this!  The other entree we had was a “crab and cantaloupe cold dish” which was also delicious.

The other dishes were good.  My only criticism of the meal is that the mains are huge!  And given they are quite rich, it may be too much of a good thing.  The three mains we had were grilled fresh snapper (looks scary but tasted very good and was very fresh), panfried hapuka in a seafood broth and snapper cooked with a tomato sauce in a paper bag.

This was the dining experience that prompted me to go back again in the next few weeks for the 5 course crustacean celebration degustation – which turned out to be one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in awhile.

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