Ma Peche: casual cool meets fine dining

Ma Peche was an interesting restaurant… it has a casual atmosphere, but fine dining food. Slight disjoint for me, but the food was delicious.

The fresh seafood available when we were there got us these lovely fresh prawns, served on ice and with a delicious sauce on the side.

Scallops with coffee” sounds unappetising, but was really good! The scallops were coated in coffee and were lightly cooked, and tasted delicate and sweet. As you can see from the picture below, the presentation of the dish was pretty and perfect.

Another strange sounding combination “tetsuta age chicken with watermelon” again was surprisingly good. I was worried that the watermelon would make the diminish the crispiness of the chicken but it was all good. Again, pretty as a picture (sorry about mine, it’s a tad blurry!).

Last dish on the agenda was the acclaimed “steak with rice chips” which were fantastic! Steak was cooked perfectly, chips were thick and crispy. Ordered a side of “corn with seaweed and spring onions” and it was huge! By far the largest dish we had the whole evening and it was a side dish!

Lastly, as Ma Peche is right above the Momofuku Milk Bar, we got a few cookies for dessert! Had the “cornflake, chocolate chip, marshmallow cookie” and it was superb!

Overall, a good dinner but I have to warn you all it was the more expensive of the Momofuku’s. The food was delicious (as expected), my only criticism was that the dishes were not as generous in portion as I’d like. Would I go again? Yup, to try the new menu!

Date of visit: August 2011.

For more info and reviews:

Ma Peche on Urbanspoon

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