David Burke at Bloomingdales

During the endless hours of shopping in NYC,  I had to stop at some point to replenish myself for lunch to be able to continue shopping!  Whilst at Bloomingdales, we lunched at David Burke at Bloomingdales.  As we’re from Australia, we have no idea about who David Burke is, but if the food was anything to go by, he must be pretty good.

We had the Shrimp & Lobster Bisque, which was topped with green apple and oyster crackers.  It had a smooth texture, which tasted as it should (like lobster).  The green apple was an interesting addition to cut through the rich creaminess of the soup.   Oyster crackers are essentially mini crackers, which till now I have no idea why they are called oyster crackers (my guess is the size of the cracker).

Next up was the Mac and Cheese which uses cheddar cheese (hence the radioactive yellow colour).  Pretty standard, and tasted good enough (please note, at this point of the holiday I’d had lobster mac and cheese therefore elevating my expectations to unbelievable highs).

The Ultimate Cheeseburger was pretty darn good.  Meat was moist, burger was well constructed and it came with a large serve of fries on the side, served in a cute chef hat box.

For lunch on the go, this was really good.   Items on the menu include soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers.  Conveniently located at Bloomingdales, therefore not taking too much away from the shopping expedition.

For more info and reviews:
David Burke at Bloomingdale's on Urbanspoon

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