Eat at Street

Whilst in LA, we popped into Susan Feniger’s Street, which has an interesting concept:  street food from around the world in one restaurant.  Most Aussies won’t have heard of Susan, but I saw the first season of Top Chef Masters and she left quite an impression!  She was such a lovely lady, and her food philosophy of simple easy food resonated with me.

So we visited the restaurant on a perfect warm evening, and were seated outside in the courtyard, next to an open fire.

Perusing the menu was quite an experience – it had a bit of this and a bit of that.  Where else would you see tatsutage fried chicken on the same menu as cheese and grits?  This made it really tough for me to decide on what to have!  The dishes we decided on were a strange combination…

FIrst thing to appear was the complimentary…. appetiser?  It was puffed rice bound by some sweet sticky substance with raisins running through it.  Nice gesture, but it was a bit odd…

The first dish to arrive was their infamous “kaya toast”.  Kaya is a Malaysian coconut paste which is sweet – very delightful.  The kaya was creamy and came sandwiched in toasted white bread.  On the side was a fried egg in soy sauce.  I was concerned that the dish would be overwhelmingly rich but surprisingly, all the elements worked well together and it was delicious!

The tempura mushroom were battered and fried to perfection.  Light and juicy, it was divine.  This was followed by a superb kingfish sashimi, covered in pink peppercorns.  (sorry, the pic looks a bit sad with only 2 mushrooms but it was really a portion of 4 – we scoffed them down faster than I could take the pic!)

We ended the meal with the tatsutage fried chicken atop soba noodles and with a side of pickled vege, and cheese and grits.  The chicken tasted good (but really, how often does fried chicken not taste good?) and went perfectly with the pickled vege but the soba noodles may not have been necessary.  This was my first cheese and grits experience… and unfortunately, it’s not for me!  It was mushy and looked like clag… ugh.  I have to state that my partner LOVED the cheese and grits and lapped it up.  So it may just be a preference/mushy tolerance thing…

So overall, it was awesome – strange delicious food combo’s, LA cool on a warm summer night!

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