Spice Temple

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Spice Temple Yum Cha

I was totally pumped to be trying yum cha at Spice Temple.  And because of this high expectation, it didn’t quite hit the mark.  The food was great, but it’s like something is missing from the normal yum cha experience.  Maybe it’s the trolleys of food, maybe the packed bustling restaurant or maybe just plain … Continue reading

Deliciously hot and fiery food at Spice Temple

I love spicy Chinese food and Spice Temple delivers on many different levels of it.  The restaurant decor is very modern has a certain sexiness to it, and the food is wonderfully exciting and made from great fresh ingredients.  Was here as for a reunion dinner with 2 of my favorite ex-workmates and it was … Continue reading

Sweets for my sweet!

Thought I’d post up the collection of sweets & desserts I’ve accumulated over the course of the year…  I’m not big on sweets and desserts, but when it looks so good, and taste yummy, I’m all in! So we’re starting with treats in the morning.  What could be more delightful then a good cup of … Continue reading


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